Terms and Policies

Upon registration, there is a fee of $25 which is non-refundable at the time of enrollment

Dance Attire
All Students must wear the appropriate attire for each class. Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes, tap shoes, Hip-Hop sneakers are not optional. Please do not enter class with street footwear and vice versa please do not wear your dance shoes outside.

Attendance & Tardiness
We encourage our students to attend all classes so they can maximize their growth as professional Dancers/Performers. Emergencies are of course excusable but hair appointments, parties, and attending games are not acceptable excuses. Three missed classes prior to a performance will hinder the student’s chances of being in that dance. Although we will not omit your child from the entire dance for missed classes, we ask that you take the entire class into consideration when your child misses’ class. Recital time is extremely important to the entire class, so please be conscious of your time and our time to help keep the professionalism installed in our Starz. Excessive tardiness is unacceptable— a 15-minute rule will be strictly enforced. After 15 minutes, your child will be expected to watch and not participate

• $35 monthly per class
• Privates $45
• Multiple class/ Family discount (3 or more) 20%

If tuition is more than a month behind without communication, students will be asked to sit out of class or stay home until the balance is paid.

Costumes & Fees
Costume fees will be due 3 months prior to our recital. There’s a deposit of $25 per recital class. Deposits are payable to The Rising Starz Dance Studio L.L.C. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.
Age 3 – 8: $60
Age 9 – 12: $80
Age 13 – Adults: $100